“Fake Out” Egg Nog

More “Feggnog?” Yes please! If you’re worried about salmonella (or if you’re catering to an anti-egg crowd) Joe Campanale has a quick and simple answer to traditional eggnog. In addition to being anti-ovo friendly, the prep-work for this three ingredient “fake out” is far more manageable than its traditional counterpart.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Joe Campanale on eHow.com. And today we're going to make an egg nog fake out. Now the reason I make a fake egg nog is because some people I know are afraid of using whole eggs and raw eggs which use in real egg nog. And I know also that some people are also allergic to it. So, we're going to make a fake egg nog, which I call a fig nog, or an egg not fake out as my buddy Rachel would say. And it's something you can do in a fraction of the time of real egg nog, without any raw ingredients at all. So, we start with two ounces of rum. Make sure you use a dark rum or a spice rum. Captain Morgan's would work as well. We have our jigger, one ounce, and two ounces. Brandy works also if you like brandy. And then we have two ounces, which I've already measured of heavy cream or half and half. OK. And then a few dashes of Angostura bitters. Angostura bitters is something that we use in a variety of cocktails, and basically it's a concentrated bittering agent. It has a lot of flavor, lot of spice to it. And you can find it in any of your local grocery stores. Just a few drops. OK. And now what you want to do is add some ice. If you can get big ice cubes like this, they're great. If not, any ice cubes will totally work. And this is called a Boston Shaker. If you tune into my video on bar tools, you can totally see how to use a Boston Shaker. But basically it's two parts, and you're going to shake it. The reason that we shake this is so that you can incorporate a lot of air into your drink and it approximates that frothy texture that this little egg nog. And I just want to add some ice to your glass. Get nice big ice cubes, and there you go. There is your frothy egg nog. And I'd just like to top it off with a little bit of fresh ground nutmeg. And there it is, your fake egg nog or your egg nog fake out. Hmm. That is so frothy and delicious. If you want it a little bit sweeter you can add some simple syrup or even better for the season, some maple syrup. Oh boy, is that delicious. So if you want to see the real egg nog recipe, check it out on eHow.com. And next time you're in New York City, stop by and say hi, and have an egg nog cocktail on me. I'm Joe Campanale, hope to see you soon.

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