Quick & Easy Royal Icing

You’ve decked the halls, adorned the walls and now it’s time to add some holiday spirit to your sugar cookies. Add some red and green dye to Heather Bertinetti’s super-easy royal icing, and you are a few dollops away from having an equally decorative dessert.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti for eHow.com. Today, I want to share with you an easy cookie icing recipe called royal icing. It's made up predominantly of egg whites and sugar and it's super simple to make. So let's get to it. Here I have four and a half cups of powdered sugar. I'll place this in my mixer here right on the bottom. When using dry ingredients in any kind of icing, if you're going to beat it and mix it on a higher speed, make sure to put your dry on the bottom and then your wets on top so you don't make a huge mess. Just put that off to the side and now I have three egg whites and a teaspoon of vanilla, just add that in there and now with the beater attachment, we're going to start to mix this on low speed. So now at this point after it's all wet and incorporated I'm going to add a half teaspoon of cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is just basically a stabilizer for egg whites and just a little pinch of salt. I'm going to turn my speed up a little bit and make sure it's completely smooth and mixed together, perfect. Now at this point I'm going to release it from the bowl and just give it a little scrape down. I'm going to take it off. Make sure you get it all off the beater and see this consistency, it's like the perfect icing right there. It's smooth and silky, no lumps, exactly what we're looking for, scrape it off the sides. We're going to put this off to the side. So now, depending on what you're using it for, because it is holiday time and Christmas is approaching fast I want to make some Christmas cookies. So I'm just going to show you how to color this. Now the important thing with royal icing is because there's so much powdered sugar in it which actually has a small amount of corn starch, it tends to get a skin. So I'm going to keep this one white and then this one we're going to mix a little bit of red into. Using normal food coloring, add a few drops and give that a stir like so. Now the things also to know about royal icing is if you wanted it a thinner consistency, you could just add a little bit of water to thin it out or even another egg white perhaps. So now because I'm not going to use this until later, I'm going to have my mixing color and then put a little plastic wrap on top of it. This prevents it from forming a skin and instead of just covering the bowl with a plastic wrap, I want to make sure to make contact with the icing and that's it. Put that off to the side and then this one we're going to color green. Do the same thing, you just repeat the process again. So once again, put some plastic on top and we'll set it aside. So that's it, now that my plastic wrap on, we're going to set this aside and we'll decorate our cookies a little bit later. That's our royal icing guys. I'm Heather Bertinetti. Catch me again on eHow.com.

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