Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies

Always a crowd-pleaser, Heather Bertinetti’s peanut butter cookies are an excellent addition to any holiday dessert platter or cookie exchange. They look, smell and taste delicious so get ready to grab some before everyone else!

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti for Today, we're going to make some awesome peanut butter cookies. At every holiday season I do the great cookie bake and this seems to be one of the biggest crowd pleasers is just simple peanut butter cookies. So let's get to it. Here I have some sugar, just regular granulated white sugar. I'm going to drop that in my bowl. Next I have some brown sugar. This gives it a lot more depth of flavor and I have some butter, just get that in. Now in my lowest setting I'm going to cream these two together. Now we've talked about creaming before and basically you're just going to get them to a light creamy consistency so your butter and your sugar together should look nice, light and fluffy, perfect consistency. Now I'm going to crack my eggs in one at a time, let those get completely incorporated. Next I'm going to add a little bit of vanilla. I like to just use a pack full. So at this point I'm going to stop my beater and I'm going to make sure to give it a good scrape down just to make sure all the sugars are incorporated with the butter and the eggs to make sure to hydrate all that sugar, turn it back on and next we can add our dry ingredients. So we have some baking powder, some baking soda and salt. We're going to slowly add in our flour, continually beating on low speed and last but not least our delicious Skippy peanut butter. The creamy and smooth peanut butter is what's going to make this cookie moist and chewy. And because peanut butter is so sticky we're going to give it another stop and scrape. Turn our machine back on, turn the speed up and that's it, that's our dough. So now we can scoop these onto some parchment paper on the cookie sheet and we can bake these off. So what I do just for consistency is I get a retractable ice cream scooper that way I know that all my cookies are exactly the same size. Now when lining cookie dough onto a sheet pan you have to always remember that cookies are going to spread so you do one straight line across and then for the next row you go in between the other two cookies like so. So you're staggering your cookies. Now I have my oven preheated at 350 degrees and these are going to bake for about eight to ten minutes. I always check them after eight because some ovens run a little hotter than others. Cookies will carry over bake on a sheet pan, so you always want to pull them out earlier than later. So the next step obviously would be to bake these cookies at 350 degrees. I have some that I've already baked for you so you can see what they look like. Let's go get them. These look awesome. I'm so excited. Alright, so here you have it guys, our peanut butter cookies. They look, smell and taste delicious. You're going to love them, so simple. I'm Heather Bertinetti. Catch me again next time on Enjoy.

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