Gingerbread Cookies

Build a house, make a man or keep it simple with traditional circles - regardless of their size or shape, Heather Bertinetti’s honey gingerbread cookies are the perfect holiday treat.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti for and today we're going to make some gingerbread cookies. So just like all the cookies that we make this is another cookie that uses the creaming method. So in our standup mixer with the beater attachment on, we're going to drop our butter in the bowl. Next we're going to add our sugar and we're going to mix this at a low speed. You should mix until it's light and fluffy. We're going to raise our speed up. At this point we can start to slowly start to stream in our eggs. Make sure each one gets fully incorporated at a time. So now after the eggs are incorporated, we're going to stream in our molasses and followed by the honey. Once again, stop and scrape. Now for our flour. We'll slowly stream that in. This smells delicious, next our baking soda and our spices, add some ground cloves and some ground cinnamon as well as a little bit of ground ginger. So we continue to mix this we can kick it up on one speed higher until it comes together and forms a dough ball, great that's it. So now like most of our cookie recipes, you take it off the mixer then we're going to chill it in the refrigerator for two to three hours or preferably overnight. So now that our dough is completely chilled I want to show you how to roll it out. So I just have it in a nice flat disc. I'm going to four our work surface just a little bit and put it out. Once again, flour the top and as usual, you flour the rolling pin. Center it out, put in a little bit of muscle and if it falls apart on you you just smush it back together. So we're going to roll this out to about a quarter of an inch thick, like I always do it, press in my sides and make sure that we have no cracks, everything is smooth, press it together and then give it a once over, perfect. Okay, so now we can get to cutting and baking. So what I like to do is take my cutter, here I just have a round fluted cutter and I dip it in flour so I know it's not going to stick and they come right out. On my cookie sheet or sheet pan that's parchment lined, I just place them and space them out about one to two inches apart. So these are going to go into the oven. We're going to bake them at about 350 degrees for about seven to eight minutes. So now that our gingerbread cookies look awesome and they've come out of the oven, I just take some powdered sugar and a little sifter like this and we're just going to sift some powdered sugar over the tops. I love the contrast of the white on the dark cookie, it's so appealing. And then just plate them up, just like so. And there you have it guys, that's our gingerbread cookies. I'm Heather Bertinetti, catch me again next time on

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