Stocking Stuffer: Heather's Hot Cocoa Mix

More personal than the pre-made packs, homemade cocoa is a thoughtful, simple and economically friendly gift. Fill a few jars, add a little bow and give this sweet treat to guests, friends or family members.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti for Today, we're going to make some homemade hot cocoa mix. Today, I want to share with you an awesome gift to give your guests at the holiday times. Everybody always gets the Swiss Miss packets of hot chocolate but in this case we're going to make our own and put it in a nice cute little decorative jar and give it away as a present. So let's get started. So here I have some regular baking cocoa powder. We'll put that in our bowl first. Next I have some milk powder and some nonfat dairy creamer. We'll add that to the bowl as well. This is what's going to give it that milky creamy smooth consistency. Now I have some granulated sugar and to that I'm going to add one pinch of salt, just a little bit, okay. So now we're just going to take a whisk and whisk these altogether. Make sure they're all completely incorporated and combined. It could get a little messy because we're dealing with a lot of powders here so just whisk slowly. So now my little quick tip here to transfer this into the jar cleanly without making a huge mess and messing up our ribbon on the jar is I take some parchment paper. I'm going to make sort of like a little funnel. I'm just going to add it straight in the middle of the parchment paper like so. We're going to lift up the two sides, pinch it in the middle. Now this way I'm going to pour right into the jar so I'm going to crumple up and seal one end of the paper, creating a sort of funnel and we're just going to slowly pour this in straight up to the top. Now the thing with this mix is you can get a little creative if you like and you can put whole chocolate chips in there. You can put a little bit of mint, a little peppermint would be nice especially for the holidays. So I'm just going to level it out like so and then have some mini marshmallows and we're just going to fill the top with some mini marshmallows. Who doesn't love marshmallows in hot chocolate right? Pack those in, so cute and that's it guys, that's our hot cocoa. What a fun gift. I'm Heather Bertinetti, catch me again next time on

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