Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Orange Juice

Quick, simple and naturally sugary, these mashed sweet potatoes are an excellent alternative to traditional starchy side dishes.

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Louisa Shafia, here on, and today I'm showing you how to make one of my very favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice. I cooked off some sweet potatoes. I just boiled them in enough water to cover until they are fork tender. They're still nice and hot and I'm going to mash them with some butter to give them a little bit of richness. It's up to you how much butter you want to use and I'm going to put in a little bit of freshly squeezed orange juice. Now you don't want to put in too much because you want these to still have a nice rich fluffy texture. So you just want enough to give the sweet potatoes some sweet citrusy flavor. You don't want them to get too watery. So I'm just mashing these with a potato masher. You could put these in a food processor if you wanted to, that's another way to go. Using the masher is going to give me a little bit more of a chunky finish and that is just fine. So, my butter is pretty much melted in here. So this texture looks really good. The last thing I'm going to do is add a little bit of salt because you still need salt to spark the flavor even if these are a sweet dish, just fold that in and this looks gorgeous. So this is a nice healthy way to prepare sweet potatoes because you don't need to add any sugar for sweetness. Um, you get the sweetness from the orange juice. So these have a really nice balance of saltiness, sweetness and that real comfort food taste and texture of mashed sweet potatoes. You could also do this with yams if you want to use yams but sweet potatoes actually have more nutrients. They're full of Vitamin A and all kinds of stuff that's good for you. So here are my simple mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice. I hope you'll try these this holiday season and this Winter. I'm Louisa Shafia. See you next time on

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