Spicy Toasted Almonds

If you’ve got a bag of nuts and semi-stocked spice cabinet, you are thirty minutes away from having end-table treats or economical edible gifts.

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Louisa Shafia, here at eHow.com. Today, I'm making a great holiday treat, spicy toasted nuts. This is a really simple recipe. I'm starting out with some almonds. You could use any kind of nuts that you'd like, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, whatever you like. I happen to have these, I'm using almonds. Now, I'm going to start with adding some orange juice. Now orange juice adds a little bit of natural sweetness. It's also going to make my nuts crispy as they cook and it's going to prevent them from burning. Next I'm going to put in some sugar. I have date sugar which is a nice choice because it's processed. You could also use maple sugar or any kind of dry sugar that you like. Okay, this is the secret ingredient here, chili powder. It's going to give these nuts a really deep rich taste and it's not too spicy, but it's just spicy enough and you really want to be generous with the amount of chili. I'm also going to put a dash of salt in here okay? So now I just mix this around until all the nuts are well coated and you can see they look really dark. They've got lots of chili powder on them. So when they finish they're going to be sweet and crunchy and spicy all at the same time. Now I'm going to bake my nuts in a hot oven at 350 for about 30 minutes. So you just want to spread them out in the pan and you just want to bake them until all the liquid is cooked out and they're nice and crunchy. And you should definitely check them about every ten minutes, just give them a little stir so they don't stick to the bottom of the pan. When they come out, they look like this, really dark with the chili powder on them, super crunchy, um, sweet, a little bit spicy and lots of flavor. So this is a great easy thing to make when you have guests around, just put bowls of these spiced nuts out. They also make a wonderful gift, make a huge batch of these, put them in little bags with a ribbon and you are all set for your holiday gift giving. I'm Louisa Shafia. I'll see you next time here on eHow.com.

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