Easy Green Beans with Crushed Toasted Almonds

Green beans sounding bland? Feeling like you’ve bean there, done that? Louisa Shafia is here to help – with some EVOO, shallots and toasted almonds, your beans will go from the shadows to the spotlight on your holiday table.

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Louisa Shafia, here on eHow.com. And today I'm showing you how to make sauted green beans with toasted almonds. So, this is a really simple recipe with just a few key flavors, shallot, string beans and almonds. So, I'm going to start out by sauteing these shallots in some olive oil. And shallots are sort of a milder kind of onion. But they've got a lot of wonderful flavor. And just want these to get a little bit soft. They don't actually need to get brown. So, this recipe is a great way to prepare string beans so that they really keep their nice snap. And it also lets you keep that beautiful green b color that have. So, this is all about quick cooking, preserving the flavors and really keeping the texture of sting beans. So, all I did to prepare these was I snipped off the stem ends. So, this is what my string beans look like when They're ready to do in the pan. I'm just keeping an eye on my shallots. These are looking nice and soft. You can really smell them now. So, it looks like a good time to add my string beans. And you can see, they've just hit the pan, but already they're a more vibrant green color. They look a little bit darker. So, these don't need much time at all. And while they're cooking, I'm going to chop up my toasted almonds. So, these just need a really coarse chop. And the nice thing about adding toasted almonds is that they give the string beans a little bit of fattiness, which really improves the flavor. Toasting hazelnuts would also be great with this, toasted pine nuts, any nuts that you like. And what I recommend is having them already toasted just a little bit and then adding them to the pans of string beans at the end. They just cook for a moment along with the beans. Going to add some salt, some nice sea salt there, a little bit of black pepper, and these look good. OK. So, just for the last couple of minutes, I'm adding my almonds. And all they really need to do is heat up in the pan. Just get them heated through. You don't really need to cook, because they're already toasted. And that's it. These are ready. And these look really beautiful and festive, really nice for a holiday dish. So, these are a wonderful side dish for your holiday table. They really add some bright color, and this is also healthy. You can feel really good about serving this, even if you're serving a lot of other rich foods at the holidays. This is a great counterpoint to that. Just again, just a few ingredients, the sting beans, the shallots, almonds, a little bit of oil, salt and pepper, and this looks great. I'm Louisa Shafia. I'll see you next time here on eHow.com.

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