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Cupcakes are a great treat for parties, special occasions or even just a regular afternoon. Make cupcakes with help from a recipe developer and cookbook author in this free video clip.

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Hey everybody, I'm Shauna Sever of and today I'm showing you how to make a great yellow cake cup recipe. So, this is what you need to make cup cakes: three cups of all purpose flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, three quarters of a teaspoon of salt, two sticks of unsalted butter, you want this at room temperature, two cups of granulated sugar, four large eggs, one cup of whole milk, and one tablespoon of pure vanilla extract. So, into this bowl, we're going to put three cups of all purpose flour, and I've got a sifter set over a large bowl here, one tablespoon of baking powder, and three quarters of a teaspoon of salt. And we're going to sift all this together into a nice large bowl. And make sure that there's no little lumps in your flower. And once you've got that all sifted together, put our dry ingredients to the side and get started on our next step of our cake recipe, which is really and important step whenever you're making cakes from scratch. And that's creaming together the butter and the sugar. So, in to my mixer bowl, I'm going to put two sticks of unsalted butter at room temperature. It's very important that it's nice and soft so that everything incorporates evenly. And then into the bowl we're also going to put two cups of granulated sugar. And we're going to get this going first on low speed, just to get everything together, then we can crank it up to medium. And we're going to just get this going until it's nice and light and fluffy. And that's looking good. We can add in our four large eggs, one at a time. We want to make sure that each one gets blended in before we add the next one. And here is number four. And that was great. Now it's time to scrape down the bowl and get the rest of our ingredients. Lift this up and we're going to scrape down the bowl to make sure that there's nothing on the bottom of the bowl, that everything is nicely incorporated. And this is really a key to great cupcakes. Because cupcakes are so tiny, you want to make sure that the batter is as smooth as possible because any little pockets of melted butter that show up during baking or little bits of egg that aren't mixed in, show up as these huge holes in your cupcakes. So, you want to make sure that you really get everything all scraped in and really well blended. And so now that that's done, we can get the rest of our ingredients together. And into the whole milk we're just going to put our tablespoon of vanilla extract. Give that a little whisk. Now, this is the point in the recipe where we start to incorporate our flour mixture, our dry ingredients and our milk mixture. And there's a couple of few things you have to remember when you're doing that because you don't want to over mix with the flour. You want to do things really delicately. So, let's get it started on the lowest speed that you can. And I'm going to put in about a third of the flour. Get that going on low speed. And when the flour is almost all the way into the batter, we can add about a third of our milk mixture. Get a little bit of splash, but that's OK. All right. And then when that's going, we can put in another third of flour. It's also good to do this on low speeds so you don't get a poof of flour all over your kitchen. I know this from experience. And another third of our milk. OK. And then goes in the last third of our flour and the last of our milk. Whoo.. OK. So, we're going to stop the mixture as soon as our wet and dry ingredients are in here. We can finish mixing by hand. And that's a good tip. Because that will keep your batter from being over mixed. And make sure that you get.. oh, ahh.. And like I said, we can give this a final stir by hand to making sure that you get the bottom of the bowl, everything scraped to make sure all your butter, your sugar, nothing is clinging to the sides of the bowl. And this is a really lovely light, home made cupcake batter. So, let's get our cupcake tins ready. And I've got my oven heated to 425 degrees. So, now we're going to start portioning out our batter. The one way to make sure that all your cupcakes come out evenly is to make sure they're all the same size, right. So, I like to use an ice cream scoop to help me do that. And I just get a little bit of batter, using my scoop, and boop, right into the cupcake liner super simple. And using this ice cream scoop make everything really easy. You get the right portion size in every cupcake liner. So, I'm going to put these in the oven. Something you want to remember when you're making cupcakes, is to put the pans in the oven in the upper and lower third, if you're baking two pans at a time. Half way through baking, you want to rotate the pans from top to bottom and front to back to make sure that all the cupcakes are baking evenly. So, our cupcakes have been baking for about twenty minutes. So, these have been cooling for about a minute in the pan and I'm going to remove these to a wire rack to cool completely. And these look great. They're lightly golden on top, they smell really delicious of vanilla and now you know how to make a great cup cake. Thanks for watching.


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