Crunchy Red Cabbage and Apple Salad

Cabbage has long been hailed as a cancer-fighting vegetable, yet its place in the kitchen has largely been relegated to pre-packaged salads and sauerkraut. With this sweet and sour salad, Louisa Shafia shows you how to take cabbage off the sidelines and turn it into a beautiful side salad or mid-day meal.

Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Louisa Shafia, on, and today I'm showing you how to make a red cabbage and apple salad. So I'm going to start with my dressing. It's really simple. This salad has a lot of Asian flavors including minced ginger. Um, that's got a sweet tangy kind of floral smell. So I minced this up but if you're doing it at home this is what ginger looks like. It's got a yellow flesh and you just want to take off the skin with a knife or you can use a carrot peeler, then once it's off just mince it up. So that's my ginger. I'm also going to add some sweet white miso. This is a really popular Japanese ingredient. It's used in miso soup but you can use it in salad dressings like I'm using it today. It's great for thickening the salad dressing, giving it a little bit of richness. Now I'm adding my secret weapon to my salad dressing, some Dijon mustard. I love this because it automatically gives it some tang. It gives it some richness. So that's in there and then olive oil, just kind of eyeball it and some vinegar. Now I'm using rice vinegar in this dressing. It's a Japanese ingredient. This vinegar is really light and a little bit sweet so it's nice for this dish. It's a good counter point to the kind of Earthiness to the red cabbage. So my dressing looks really rich, smells really good too. So now for my vegetables. I'm using a red cabbage because this is a wonderful ingredient that's available all year round. You just want to cut it open, slice out the core and cabbages are easy to work with because you don't have to wash them. You just peel off any outer leaves that look kind of iffy, you know if they look kind of brown or dry just get rid of those and then slice it and the cabbage automatically shreds so you really don't have to do much. And this is one of my favorite ingredients to use because you get so much out of one little cabbage. I'll probably get five or six cups of shredded cabbage out of just this one and it's really economical. This is a really cheap ingredient that you can find all year round and it also looks beautiful. It's got a gorgeous purple color which makes it really stand out on your table. So I've got my cabbage in here and now I have a sweet crisp apple that I'm going to add to the mix. Now this is an organic apple. So I'm not going to bother to peel it. If it weren't organic, I would definitely peel it because unfortunately apples can have a lot of pesticides in their skin. So if you can find organic it's great. So I'm just going to thinly slice this and the sweet kind of acidic taste of this apple is really going to brighten up my salad because I want some flavors that will contrast with the Earthiness of the cabbage. So this looks beautiful. The last thing I'm going to add is some dulce sea vegetable, also known as a seaweed. Now this is something that grows along the Atlantic Coast of the US and it's a really wonderful sea vegetable to try if you're not very familiar with sea vegetables because it has a toasty kind of briny taste. So I'm just putting enough to kind of brighten the flavor, of course, I'm going to add some salt and this is ready. So this comes together really fast and you can put your own spin on this. If you have pears around, you could throw pears into this instead of apples. So here is my salad. This looks beautiful. This is a wonderful side dish or a great salad to start off a meal. It's really versatile and really easy to make. Thanks for joining me. I'm Louisa Shafia. See you next time on

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