Spicy Chipotle Albondigas

Learn how to make your own “albondigas” with seasoned chef Daisy Martinez. Fabulous alone as finger foods and just as excellent atop some spaghetti, these Latin meatballs are perfect for parties, family dinners or even spicing up sub sandwiches.

Video Transcript

Hola, I'm Daisy Martinez from eHow.com. Today, we're going to be making albondigas. Don't you love the way that sounds? It's another good name for delicious Latin style meatballs. Let's start out with about a cup of coarsely chopped onion.. oh, and two gloves of garlic. But I like to take that nubby woody end off of my garlic. You don't want.. that has a slightly bitter cap and you don't want that in your sauce. So, we have our onion, our garlic and I've gotten the.. you'll find these in your green grocer, in chipotles in adobo sauce. So, we have two chipotles, and then I'm going to add some of this delicious adobo sauce, that's got cumen and chiles and tomato and it's just really wonderful. A couple of.. ooh, it's got some nice smoke in it too. A couple.. and you do know of course, that chipotle peppers are smoked jalepenos. So, you get all that smokiness that's just wonderful. OK. Here we go. And we're going to puree this. OK. So, over here I have a pound of ground pork, and I'm going to go ahead and add this delicious, almost like a salsa. I could eat this with a chip right now. I'm not even kidding. OK. I'll leave this here. And I have about a half a cup of bread crumbs, a couple of beaten eggs. OK. Oh, this you're going to love, cotija cheese. It's salty and really delicious and we're just going to grate a little bit of that. So, you can see how crumbly this cheese is. It's really delicious. It's one of my favorite flavors. It just adds such a beautiful note. Let's go ahead and mix this up. I love the color already, the achiote salt and the chipotle peppers are adding to this. You see that beautiful glorious color? Add the cheese, and here's another secret I have for you. One of the most delicious flavors in Mexico is an herb called herbasante. You should definitely try this. Chop that together nice and fine, and we're in meatball making mode. And we're going to go ahead and just form our meatballs. I have a piece of parchment here. And what we have after baking them in the oven are some beautiful delicious albondigas. Fragrant, the perfect pick up party for what's easier than this. And you have all those wonderful flavors, the cilantro, the mint, the smoke of the chipotles, the sweetness of the onion, the punch of the garlic. And there we have it, albondigas, delicious Latin style meatballs. Looks like a party to me. I'm Daisy Martinez for eHow.com.

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