Pulled Pork Tacos with Chorizo

For your next fiesta, impress your friends by whipping up some pulled pork tacos. Full of flavor, yet nearly effortless to make (after getting everything in the pot, your job is to “let it nap” for three hours), these tacos are perfect both for pre-made meals and party food.

Video Transcript

I'm Daisy Martinez for eHow.com. Today, I'm going to rock your socks off with some delicious braised pork tacos. We're starting out with a beautiful piece of a boneless pork shoulder and for this recipe what you want is a well marbled piece of meat so if you can't find a pork shoulder, a boneless pork shoulder you could use a bone in pork shoulder, just take the bone out yourself or you could use a picnic cut or a Boston butt, anything like that works very well. Also I want to point out that we're going to be using Mexican chorizo which is a raw sausage much like this, not to be confused with the more traditional Spanish chorizo which is a dry sausage that you can actually eat like this, just sliced. You can't do that with a Mexican sausage. So what we're doing today is using that Mexican sausage. I've taken it out of the casing and browned it and to that we're going to add some chopped onion, um, and this is going to help you pick up all of those delicious brown bits off the bottom of the pan. We're going to add some garlic chops, we're going to add some warm spices. I have Mexican canala or cinnamon. I have clove, I have allspice and cumin and we're going to add that right in and then to that I'm going to add a can of crushed tomatoes. Now the pork butt, what I've done with the pork butt is I've marinated it overnight in citrus. I used grapefruits, lemons, a little salt, we're going to break this down and what I've done is I've sliced it, dusted it with commercial agobo. Commercial agobo is nothing more than a mix that you can buy with salt, pepper, cumin, lemon zest, it's whatever you want. You can get a gazillion different types of agobo and I've browned the pork shoulder, the sliced pork shoulder and I'm going to just tuck it into this sauce that we're building in here, with the chorizo, with the onions, the garlic, the warm spices, um, and we're going to tuck this in and we're going to let it nap for about three and a half four hours so that it's literally falling apart when you touch it. So we cover it, look at it, every half an hour or so, turn it so the bottom doesn't stick and we're going to leave it at a low simmer and what we end up with all those big slices of pork, this is what I'm left with, I've already pulled some. And we have this beautiful deep rich dark sauce. Okay, and so I have the pork that I've pulled and look at this, can you see this? Look how tender this pork is, it just literally falls right apart. And watch, watch what happens now, we're going to take all of this delicious pulled pork and we're going to reintroduce it into our sauce that we made with the tomatoes and the chorizo and all those delicious warm spices and we're going to just coat this pork. Okay, and then I'm going to open up a flame, grab my tongs, I've got a tortilla or two and just heat it real quick over the stove. How many tacos am I going to eat, one or two or three or four and this happens in a matter of seconds. You actually can just see the tortilla deflate. This is the perfect dish to make and invite friends. You tell them come on over, I'm making tacos this weekend, what are you doing, then you get them to help you make them. Okay so we have our tortillas, we have pork, look at this, how gorgeous is that? Rich, satiny, beautiful and I have some cojita cheese because we're gilding the lily and a sprig or two of cilantro just to give it a little green, wow. Also, and you can experiment with different kinds of cheeses. You can use jack or a pepper jack or even a Colby would be fun with this. And now I get to taste. Wow, I'm Daisy Martinez for eHow and I love my job.

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