Easy Sofrito Sauce

Armed only with peppers, onions, garlic, spices, tomatoes and two minutes, Daisy Martinez is prepped and ready to change your life with her simple sofrito. Perfect for starting (or finishing) almost any dish, sofrito is a sauce you should never be without.

Video Transcript

Hola, I'm Daisy Martinez for eHow.com. I'm going to let you in on one of my favorite secrets. That secret is Sofrito. I am telling you this is a life changing recipe and it takes two minutes to make. Sofrito is basically a puree of onions, garlic, sweet peppers, some tomato and then some fine tweaking. I like to use cubanelle peppers because it's a green pepper that doesn't have, sometimes I find that bell peppers, green bell peppers have a little sour note that I don't care for. Now if you're the bell pepper police, please don't come after me, it just a personal preference so these cubanelles fit in nicely and just some regular red bell peppers and then, you have some fine tuning when it comes to Sofrito. Different countries in Latin America you can tell where the Sofrito is from by those little fine tunes. For example, in Puerto Rico, we use culantro, or on the island they call it recao, and ironically this, or amazingly enough, this is also an herb that shows up in Vietnamese cuisine, so if you have a Latin market that sells culantro in your neighborhood, head for the Asian market because chances are better than not that you'll find it. And then of course, cilantro my dreams, my favorite herb of choice, um fabulous. Okay, so what do you do with this? You can start any dish with Sofrito. Well I'm still working on a dessert recipe but listen, you could make a delicious pot of yellow rice, a beautiful bubbling pot of beans, soups, stews, braises, it just lends itself to so many different things. So we started out with onion and you see that I took the little nubs off of the garlic and to that I'm going to add some of the cubanelle peppers. Let's break this down before we add any more and we're on. Okay, let's add our red pepper, those are sweet remember and we have our tomato, not a lot of tomato. My mom says too much tomato, you'll make it sour, so about one and a half plump tomatoes, depending on how large a batch you're making and then we have ajicitos dulces, watch this, if you're screaming in horror thinking this is an abonetto, well I like it hot but not that hot. These are actually sweet little peppers that look like abonettos, they have just a little bit of peccancy at the finish but they're sweet and they lend a lot of flavor. Again you can get these in Latin markets, ajicitos dulces, little sweet peppers and then of course we'll add our cilantro and this is what makes your Sofritos. These are the finishing touches that add yoru Sofrito, make it sing and of course our culantro which I like to call cilantro on steroids with a hint of black pepper. This is a fabulous, fabulous herb. Again a couple of those leaves thrown into a pot of beans or a stew really really go a long way and let's just finish this up. Okay so what we're left with is this beautiful puree and what I like to do, I make my Sofrito on Sundays. I'll make a big batch of Sofrito like this, I'll scoop it out in one cup measures and put it in Ziploc bags in my freezer and then I have Sofrito for all week long. So if I'm coming home and I'm running a little late, I pull out one of those bags of Sofrito and in you know, 30 to 45 minutes, let the rice steam, I'll get a vegetable and I'll braise some chicken with Sofrito in a can of light tomato sauce, I've got a delicious nutritious inexpensive dinner for my family. I'm Daisy Martinez for eHow.com and we've got Sofrito.

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