Quick Tip: How to Peel Beets

We’ve all been there: The aftermath of peeling roasted red beets can look like a crime scene if you’re not careful. Eco-friendly cookbook author and chef Louisa Shafia offers her tips on how to peel ‘em while minimizing those dark red stains on fingers and cutting boards.

Video Transcript

Today, I'm showing you a great way to cook and peel beets. What I did with these beets is I roasted them whole in the oven with just a splash of water and a tight cover for about an hour. I let them cool off enough just so they're cool enough to handle and now I'm going to pull off the skin with my fingers. So it's really easy. Just kind of dig in there with your thumb or your fingers, find a place to start pulling and the skin comes right off. Now what I like about this method is that it means a lot less mess on your hands and on your cutting board. Now the hotter the beets are the easier it is to pull off the skin but of course, you don't want to burn your hands so they have to be cool enough to handle and all the flavor is still inside the beets. It didn't seep out with all the juice and that's one thing that I really like about this method of cooking them. The flavor is really concentrated. They're super sweet and they're nice and neat and tidy. I'm Louisa Shafia. I'll see you next time on eHow.com.

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