How to Remove Stains From Tile Grout

You know the story. Your otherwise lovely bathroom has gruesome stains or greenish black mold and fungus growing between the tiles. With some elbow grease, you can stamp out those unsightly stains.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Small Brush Or Paintbrush
  • Safety Goggles
  • Rubber Or Latex Gloves
  • Chlorine Bleach Or Bleach-containing Cleanser
  • Commercial Grout Sealer
  • Commercial Grout Cleaner Or All-purpose Cleaner With Bleach
  • Stiff Scrub Brush Or Grout Brush
  • White Terry-cloth Towels Or Paper Towels
    • 1

      Before cleaning, wipe away any excess wet buildup with a white terry-cloth towel or paper towels. If your grout is crumbling, consider replacing it. (See How to Replace Cracked Tile Grout in a Tub or Shower.)

    • 2

      While cleaning (steps 3 through 6), be sure to wear rubber or latex gloves and safety goggles, and throw open the windows to avoid exposure to the harsh chemical fumes of bleach-containing solutions.

    • 3

      Spray on a commercial grout cleaner or a heavy-duty all-purpose cleaning solution with bleach. Wait for several minutes.

    • 4

      Scrub the grout with a stiff scrub brush or a grout brush, then rinse thoroughly.

    • 5

      Blast mold, mildew or stubborn stains with a bleach-containing cleanser, or make your own using 1/4 cup (2 fl oz/60 ml) chlorine bleach and 1 qt. (32 fl oz/1 l) warm water. Let the disinfectant sit at least 10 minutes to thoroughly kill the mold and mildew.

    • 6

      Scrub the grout with a stiff brush or a grout brush, rinse, then dry with a white towel or paper towels.

    • 7

      Now that the grout's sparkling clean, keep it that way. Apply one to three coats of commercial grout sealer with a small brush or paintbrush. (Commercial grout cleaner, grout brushes and grout sealer are available at home supply centers and janitorial supply stores.)

    • 8

      Reapply annually to make certain the only thing scary in your home is the Halloween decor.

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