Dispatch From Meatopia

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Josh Ozersky's annual July party for carnivores: Meatopia, the self-proclaimed "Woodstock of Edible Animals."

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh Ozersky, and welcome to Rachael Ray's Buddies on eHow.com, Meatopia Edition. We're going to ask all the chefs why they love Meatopia. Everyone knows why people love to go to eat it, but why do the chefs like to cook it. It's something I like hearing. So let's go ask. It's meat center. We're at Meatopia, and look what we have, an 800 pound steer. Where else can you cook an 800 pound steer but Meatopia? This is New York City's biggest meat event and being the meat purveyors from New York City, means everything to us. There are a lot of people here just really getting into their meat, they're here to really appreciate that fatty delicious savory thing that is meat and we love to eat. When you first get here and you're getting everything going a wonderful thing is to have all these great chefs, all these great barbecue chefs to you know, come to your restaurant in need and want to show you what they are. They want to give you a little bit of what their soul is through their food. When you go to, like, some of the other food festivals it's just so many people jammed in there. This is like a little more focused, which is nice, and it's got his favorite people here, which is also kind of nice. I just love it. It's a great event. Lots of my friends are here today and we are all cooking together and it's just like one big happy family. It's really about a lifestyle choice, crafting food culture, expanding policy, expanding food awareness and Meatopia does all those things. This community and everybody around you is cooking, the fun of it, every chef was so pleasant of showing you what they had to do and that was all brought to you by Meatopia and what a wonderful event it was. Well, that's Meatopia. I'm Josh Ozersky, Rachael Ray's Buddy. Watch me again on eHow.com.

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