Wrapping Wine as a Gift

Next time you’re a dinner guest, give a “double duty gift” by wrapping two bottles of wine in a scarf. Entertaining expert Evette Rios demonstrates how to dress up a gift and make it easy to carry.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Evette Rios on eHow.com, and you know when you go visit a friend, you're going over for a party, what do you bring? Well, I personally like to bring a bottle of wine, and I never quite know how to pack it up. Do you put it in a paper bag? Do you just hand it to your hostess? Well, here's an easy way for you to give a double duty gift, a couple bottles of wine and a scarf. So what you need is you need a square scarf like this, and if you don't have a scarf, you can use like a pretty piece of fabric, it just has to start out being a square and you're just going to spread it out like that. And you can just use any old two bottles of wine, you could use a white and a red, you could use two reds, whatever you'd like and you're just going to kind of put them tush to tush like that, maybe about an inch apart from each other. Then you're going to start your rolling, just fold it over, kind of smooth it out a little bit like that and then you're going to just start rolling it. Just roll it all the way to the end like so, kind of smooth it out and then you're going to go like this and you can make a knot or a pretty little bow and there you go, an easy way to carry your wine and a two in one gift. Thanks for watching. Keep tuning in to eHow.com.

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