Classic Cuban Cafecito

TV host and cookbook author Daisy Martinez brews up cafecito, or Cuban coffee. Whether for breakfast or for an afternoon pick-me-up, this bold and tasty beverage will definitely hit the spot.

Video Transcript

Hola. I'm Daisy Martinez for Today, we're going to be making a Cuban Cafecito. That delicious, fragrant black cup of coffee, sweet with a little hint of lemon and foamy topping. We're going to start out with a traditional, I call this an espresso maker. And we're going to fill it up, up to the little knob on the side, with cold water. And in the cup I'm going to add some Latin coffee. My favorite, cafe Bustelo. But you can use your favorite espresso grind. And I'm adding a couple of tablespoons to that. I like a nice strong cup of cafecito. We're going to screw the top on and I'm going to set it over hot heat till it comes to the boil. Then we're going to lower it and let this coffee perk to perfection. As you could see it's perking beautifully. It smells fragrant and delicious and I'm just going to lower the heat so that can just finish perking. I don't want to burn those grounds. I wish you could smell the kitchen in here. It smells like cafe. And we're ready to go with this. We have beautiful, beautiful black coffee. So, we're ready for our Cuban Cafecito. I have a little grind of lemon that I'm just going to go ahead and moisten the cup with. I have my sugar and for the faint of heart, Cuban coffee like this is very very sweet. So, I put like a tablespoon and a half, I know, of sugar and we're going to whip it, a few drops of coffee at a time and you'll see how pretty this ends up. And what we want is a nice, light, blonde, almost fluffy consistency. And you see that color? That's pretty much what we're looking for. And you see the sugar is a creamy consistency? And we're going to go ahead and add our cafecito. You can see that pretty white foam up on top, shows me my cafecito is just about done. And then we have our beautiful black cup of cafecito. Mm..perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Or like my abuelo used to serve it in Puerto Rico, for breakfast. I'm Daisy Martinez. Thanks for watching. Check me out again on

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