Labeling Party Food

As you float between greeting guests, organizing appetizers and fluffing any forgotten pillows, it’s unlikely that you will have time to rehash each dish’s recipe list for every curious guest. Fortunately, Evette Rios has come to the rescue of every harried host and inquisitive party-goer with her clever and creative labeling tips. Before long, you too will be turning scrap tiles into cheese slates and reusing popsicle sticks to identify your burger patties.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on, and I wanted to show you guys some simple and creative ways that you can label your food so that when you're serving at your next shindig, you don't have to be there to answer all the questions. What's this? What's that? How's this prepared? Easy, easy, easy. So to start with, I love all those catalogs that have all this fancy houseware stuff, and I saw this really cool-looking slate tray to serve cheese on and I thought to myself, hmm, there's got to be a way to make this cheaper and easier. So what I did is I went to my home improvement store and I picked up a 12 X 12 inch slate tile. You can get this at any Home Depot or Lowe's. They usually sell them by the square foot and I like the slate because it gives it that real rustic look and then I also picked up a piece of felt. So I just cut it to about the size of the tile, you can cut it a little bit smaller and you're going to put that right under your tile and that way it won't scratch up your furniture and you can kind of shift it around like that. So then, using just some plain old chalk and chalk is natural. It's totally nontoxic so you can use it with your food. You can label exactly what cheese you're going to serve. So I'm going to serve, let's see, I've got some Blue Cheese here and I'll serve some Brie and you can have fun with this. You can kind of write the names wherever you want because the cheese you can put however you want to put them on the plate, you can put them on the center, off to the sides and now I'm going to set up my cheese. So I've got my Brie. I'll put it right over here and my goat cheese, I'll set it out there and my Blue Cheese, I'll put over here and there you go, super easy. I'll tell you this is going to cost you less than five bucks and it looks great. So now when I'm serving burgers or any kind of food that there's lots of variations, some people like cheese, some people like it rare, some people like it well done, this is a super easy way to let people know when you're serving, exactly how you prepared the burgers. So I just use a little Popsicle stick, you can buy these at any store or you can just eat a lot of Popsicles which is actually what I did last night, but you get these Popsicle sticks and then you write on it with a Sharpie marker however the burger is prepared. Maybe it's a veggie burger or maybe it's turkey with cheese well done, and I've got the well done one right over here so I'm going to stick it into my burger. And there you go, super easy party tips. Thanks for watching. I'm Evette Rios, and for more of me, keep checking out

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