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Between handshakes and finger foods, your arms are going to be occupied during the better part of your dinner parties. With friends and food around you, the last thing you and your extremities should be worrying about is keeping track of your drink. Food blogger and veteran host Evette Rios has come up with a clever and creative way to label glasses so you can alternately sip and socialize without wondering if you’ve just stolen someone’s seven and seven.

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Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on And, I want to show you guys some really simple ways that you can let everyone know where their stuff is, and where they're sitting. Make your little shindig a little bit more creative next time, without breaking a sweat. So, to start, you know, when I have friends over, we all start out with our glasses. But, towards the end of the night, when things start getting a little hairy, everybody doesn't know which glass is theirs. So, what I like to do, instead of going out and buying those fancy wine charms, which can sometimes cost a lot of money, and only, frankly, work on wine glasses, I head to my refrigerator, and I grab the rubber band from my broccoli. And, you just pull that right off. And, I love these rubber bands, because they're usually really fun colors, like purple and blue. I have a bag in one of my junk drawers with tons of rubber bands. I love to keep them, I use them for everything. So, you just grab a rubber band like this, and just put it right around one of your glasses. And, don't worry if you only have, you know, if you mix and match your glasses. Frankly, nobody really cares, and if people do care that much, maybe you shouldn't invite them over next time. But, so, you're just going to put your rubber band around your glass, like that. And then, I'll just put the name on it. Let's see. My dad, Francisco, is coming over, so I'll put his name. Francisco. And, maybe I'll write it on both sides in case the glass isn't facing them. So, there you go, write their name right on the rubber band. Stick it on a tray. And then, when I'm serving, I just put this right out, and everybody knows which glass is theirs, and you don't have any mix-ups. And then, another way that I like to make sure that everybody knows exactly where they're sitting, and where their spot is, is I usually put a piece of craft paper down on a table, on my dining room table. You can use the brown craft paper that they sell in all sorts of craft stores, or you can get the white stuff like this. Super cheap, I love having this on hand. And, I just roll this on top of my table. You could do this on top of a tablecloth too. But, I like putting it right on top of the table, especially if you have something like a table like this, that's got a a stone top, because I like to write people's names right on it. So, let's see. I'm going to put Rach here, and maybe I'll do a little, let's see, I'll do a little caricature, because you can have fun with this stuff. You get the idea. And then, you can even leave pens and stuff on the table, so people can have fun, and draw throughout the day. It's just another fun way to get some conversation started, get a little creative, and take the stress out of your hostessing. Thanks for watching. I'm Evette Rios, and keep checking me out on

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