Sweet Floral Arrangements

If you need something extra to spruce up your floral arrangement, try adding food! Evette Rios shows how you can create a beautiful bouquet surrounded by candy that is as colorful as it is sweet. Try it with a variety of fillings, such as coffee beans, chocolates or rocks to bring out your bouquet.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Evette Rios here on eHow.com, and I want to just share with you guys a little floral design trick that I learned from a friend of mine. So I've often seen those arrangements that have you know stuff floating on the outside like sliced lemons or coffee beans and then there is water on the inside for the flowers and I thought to myself how do they keep that stuff dry but then the flowers have water. Well, here's how they do it. So what you need to do is start out with two vases, one larger and one smaller and in this case I'm actually using a pillar candle holder. So I'm going to go ahead and take the candle out of this and I'll put that to the side. So then you take the vase and you put it down like that and you take your smaller vase and you put it inside but before you put it inside you actually want to put a little cover on it so whatever you're putting inside of the larger vase doesn't fall accidentally inside of the smaller one. So I'm just going to set that in there. You could use a plastic gag. You could use a piece of saran wrap, whatever you have to kind of just cover up the smaller vase and now, you guys kind of get where I'm going with this you're going to fill in the outside with whatever you want. In this case I'm using candy because it's Summertime and I love the Summertime colors but you can use anything you want. You could use coffee beans or you know, anything, lemon heads, whatever candy you want, any sort of gravel or whatever and kind of put it in there so here we go. I'm just going to start scooping my candy and it's a great way to make a seasonal arrangement because you can put anything that's seasonal, cranberries or whatever you've got and I'm just going to start pouring it around like that and there you go. You sort of get the idea. You can fill it up to the top if you want to but I just want to show you guys how it looks. So I'm going to take the plastic bag off of the inside vase and then I'm actually going to pour water into the inside vase because of course the flowers need the water, the candy doesn't and I'm going to fill that up to about there and then you put your bouquet and just put your flowers in like that and then you want to just arrange them a little bit and you can always coordinate the colors of your flowers with the colors of the candy. You are going to blow your friend's minds with this centerpiece. Thanks for watching. I'm Evette Rios, and check me out again on eHow.com.

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