Easy-to-Make Panna Cotta

Pastry chef and dessert expert Heather Bertinetti shows how to make this popular dessert: panna cotta. With Heather's tips, this Italian cream delicacy can be prepared easily and quickly.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching eHow.com. Today, I want to make a panna cotta. It's one of my absolute most favorite desserts and it's so simple to make. Panna cotta just means cooked cream in Italian. So enough with the history stuff let's get cooking. So first I want to take my three and three quarters cups of cream and put it in a pot to come to a boil and I've already added my scraped vanilla beans to this. Turn our gas on here and give it a good whisk. Next I'm going to add my half cup of sugar. Now that's good. Now while we're waiting for this to boil I want to bloom my gelatin. We only have three and a half teaspoons of powdered gelatin. I'm putting it here in this ramekin and I'm going to add a quarter of a cup of lukewarm water to the gelatin. Make sure you stir it very well so you get all the lumps out. After I'm done stirring and it seems very smooth, I'm going to let it sit for about a minute. Next let's add a pinch of salt to our panna cotta mixture in the pot. We'll whisk that in and now we're going to wait for this to come to a boil. So now that our cream, sugar, salt and vanilla bean has come to a boil it's time to add the gelatin. Gelatin becomes a homogenized mass after it's bloomed, so when you add it to the pot you want to make sure that you whisk all the lumps out. Even though we're going to strain it we want to take all precautions here. Okay, so let's strain our panna cotta, beautiful. So when pouring panna cotta you can choose whatever type of vessel you'd like. I prefer these cute little jam jars. They're by Ball and they just look a little more appealing and they're just super cute, so let's pour this into our jar. I want to leave room at the top so I can garnish it with some fresh fruit. And that's it. So now we'll stick it in the refrigerator. Preferably I like it to set overnight but if you're super rushed, you can just stick it in the freezer for about an hour and it should set. So, here we have our finished panna cotta. I garnished it with a little bit of fruit salad that I had left over in my refrigerator. You can use jam. You can use chocolate or caramel, whatever you'd like and it's delicious just as is. I'm Heather Bertinetti. Thanks for watching, check me out again on eHow.com.

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