Blueberry Pie Filling With a Slurry Thickener

In three easy steps, Heather Bertinetti shows the process to thickening a pie filling using a slurry. Slurries are cornstarch and sugar mixtures guaranteed to give your pie that perfect jelly-like filling.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Heather Bertinetti, and you're watching Today, I want to talk a little bit about slurries. When I'm talking about slurries I'm talking about cornstarch, water and a little bit of sugar. We're using this as a thickening agent for a pie filling. Today we're just going to run through a blueberry pie filling in three easy steps. Let's get started. Here I have about one and a half ounces of corn starch and I have two and a half ounces of sugar. Now there's really no exact measurement to making a slurry so I just literally take a couple of pinches of sugar and add it to my cornstarch. With a small whisk I'm just going to incorporate that really quickly. Next I'm going to take a little bit of my water. The total amount of water that I have here is eleven ounces, same thing, we're just going to pour about a quarter of the amount into our cornstarch sugar mixture, perfect. We'll give this a whisk and this is basically just making a smooth paste, okay? Now see how it's this liquified cloudy opaque color? That's perfect. Now we're going to set this aside. So I'm going the remainder of my sugar and water in my pot and we're going to stir this to dissolve all the sugar and just bring it to a boil. So now that our sugar and water has come to a boil, we're going to take our slurry and we're going to add that in and whisk it. If there are some chunks of cornstarch left in the bottom of your bowl, make sure you get it all into the pot. So once you add your slurry, you want to continuously stir it and whisk it. It's going to set up immediately and look like a clear gel. This is the exact consistency that you want guys. We're just going to bring this to a boil for one minute. And it's not really going to boil like you know how water boils, it's going to bubble like a couple of times just for one minute and then we'll take it off the heat. This is the perfect consistency. See how it's very gelatinous and clear? And now I'm going to add the fruit. So we're going to put our whisk aside. Using a spatula making sure to be very gentle when folding in the fruit here, I have a pound and a half of fresh blueberries. Frozen are okay to use too. Now remember we are going to put this in a pie, the blueberries are going to cook, so that's why we just add the raw or fresh blueberries and fold it into the slurry because the oven is going to do all the rest of the cooking when we add it to the pie. This is perfect. Now I'm going to put this into a pie shell. Make sure to put all the blueberry filling into the pie shell, beautiful. Spread it out evenly with a spatula, great. And now I'm going to top this off and we'll stick it in the oven. And that guys is a perfect blueberry pie filling. See, it wasn't that hard. It's all about the cornstarch in the slurries. I'm Heater Bertinetti for Enjoy guys.

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