Spanish Pizza: Coca with Artichokes

Daisy Martinez whips up a coca, a Spanish version of pizza. Two-step cooking on the stovetop and in the oven creates a crust that is crunchy on the bottom and soft on the top. With a creamy artichoke sauce, this recipe makes a flavorful meal and can be complemented with your other favorite toppings.

Video Transcript

Hola. I'm Daisy Martinez, and you're watching Today, I'm going to be making a coca, the Spanish take on a delicious stove top pizza. I started out with a pan and I added a little drizzle of a combination of olive oil and canola, just enough so that the olive oil doesn't burn. But I want it nice and hot. And I bought a ball of premade pizza dough. And I'm going to go ahead and put this down in my pan, Just stretch it out to fit the pan. You can see the oil is protecting the dough. It's not sticking. Yum. It's going to be fabulous. OK. What I have here, I have some frozen artichoke hearts that I've gone ahead and blanched in salted water. These are two boxes. I'm going to go ahead and process half of the artichoke hearts and we'll save the other half for garnishing the pizza. OK. And that I'm adding five pieces of roasted garlic. The roasting the garlic gives a.. gives the garlic a little bit of sweetness, takes the edge off the garlic and more garlic flavor. And I have some shredded Marchetto cheese. Not to fret if you can't get Marchetto, you can go ahead and use Parmesan or Romano or your favorite grated cheese. OK. And I have some fresh basil. And how much basil you use is again, like the garlic. That's what's fun about these recipes. They really lend themselves to improvisation. Let's add some olive oil. OK. And we're just going to work the bowl of the blender or the processor, to make sure that everything is broken down into a nice smooth puree. Just want to mix it. OK. Let's finish this up. OK. What we have here is a nice almost smooth but still textury puree. Mm..awesome. Let's take a look at our pizza crust. Beautiful. I want you to see the pizza crust on the bottom is nice and golden, crusty and delicious.You can see that. And the top is pretty.. it's really dry. We're just going to go ahead and make sure, just push down around the edges to make into a nice crust. And we'll take this off the heat. We're going to go ahead and ad our puree. Spread the puree around making sure you leave a nice edge for the crust. I have some beautiful pristine fresh mozzarella cheese. Let's go ahead and add that, and I've cut that in slices. You could easily use shredded mozzarella. It would be equally wonderful or any other kind of soft mild melted cheese. And then we're going add little dollops of ricotta cheese in between. Mm..what could be better? And behind me I have an oven that's been preheating to about 400, 425 degrees. You know your oven, so you'd be best you know, to judge that. I'm going to go ahead and use the other artichoke hearts to garnish. Now, if you wanted to guild the lily, you could go ahead and sprinkle some oregano, some dry oregano on this. But I'm feeling good about this. Let's pop this baby in the oven. We're going to let that sit for about 15, 20, maybe even 25 minutes, depending on your oven. And when we come back, we're going to have some delicious artichoke coca. OK. Ding! 20 minutes. Let's take a look at our pizza. The crust is beautifully done. The cheese is melted and brown and bubbly. And because the ricotta is kind of like a wet cheese, I'm going to let this sit for about five to seven minutes. Let the cheese set up and then we're going to slice our pizza. OK. If you take a look now, I'm going to give my coca a little jiggle test. And you can see that that runny hot ricotta cheese has really set up beautifully. So, there's but one thing to do and that's to try our coca. And I get to taste. Mm...You're watching on I'm Daisy Martinez. Come back and see me again.

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