John Deere 450 Tiller Specifications

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A tiller is a machine with rotating blades that helps break up the soil. The most popular name for this machine is rototiller, an abbreviation for rotary tiller. There are gas-powered and electric tillers available. Smaller, self-propelled walk-behind tillers are great for weeding in between garden rows, while larger tillers attached to tractors and are used for churning and mixing up topsoil. The John Deere 450 is a part of the 400-product line of discontinued tillers.


General Specifications

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The John Deere 450 is a tiller with a rotary tilling length of 50 inches. It has a rotor diameter of 14.5 inches. Its approximate weight is 332 pounds or 151 kilograms. It is compatible with John Deere 4010, 4110 and 4115 riding tractors.

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Performance Specifications

The rotor has revolutions per minute (rpm) of 238. The rotor tip speed runs at 903 feet per minute, or 276 meters per minute, making it a great tiller for breaking up soil quickly and efficiently. The 450 has a maximum tilling depth of seven inches.



The 450 tiller has sealed rotor ball bearings and large replaceable tines. It features a heavy-duty tubular line shaft that gives it more durability. It's side-shaft-driven design gives it more evenly spaced tines with a 50-inch width. The 450 has a three-point hitch and can be lowered and raised by the tractor's accessory mechanisms.


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