Gifts for the Mentally Handicapped

The mentally handicapped enjoy receiving gifts just as much as you do.

Buying gifts can be difficult. Trying to buy for someone who is mentally handicapped can make the task seem impossible. The mentally handicapped love to receive gifts just as much as the next person. The gift chosen needs to be appropriate to the level and type of disability.

Need Items

No matter what the disability, gifts such as warm blankets, pajamas, socks and comfortable clothes are good choices. Find out if the person you are giving to particularly enjoys soft materials and try to accommodate his or her preferences.


Many mentally handicapped adults and children enjoy movies. Disney movies are excellent choices; they are very colorful and tell fantastic stories. The developmentally delayed may prefer cartoons and children's stories rather than adult movies.

Gift Bskets

Giving a gift basket filled with cookies and chocolates can bring a smile to anyone's face. Check with the caregiver to make sure that these types of treats are acceptable. Make the basket lively and colorful.


Books are good gifts to give. Choose an age-appropriate book at the person's reading level. If he or she is not able to read, you or the caregiver may enjoy reading stories to the recipient.

Flowers and Balloons

Flowers and balloons make a big deal out of any occasion. Make them bright and festive. The flowers should have an appealing fragrance. Do not purchase cut flowers; they should be able to bloom again and again.


Find an appropriate toy for the mentally handicapped. There are many websites specializing in toys for the mentally handicapped that are based on the disability type and level of functioning.