Cheap Gifts for Snobs

Whether the snob in your life is a true jerk or just a person with discriminating taste, you'll have fun finding just the right gift at a price that might make him shudder at its low cost. Keep his personal interests and hobbies in mind, because he'll love a gift that matches his needs perfectly. Go overboard when you wrap the gift, with a big box and luxurious ribbon to help give the gift snob appeal.

Close-up of woman tying a bow on top of gift.
Close-up of woman tying a bow on top of gift. (Image: Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images)

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Buy Just One

One or two items might look stingy instead of generous, but snobs know that quality tops quantity every time. For food gifts, buy one high-quality dark chocolate bar or one exquisite piece of candy from a gourmet shop. One beautiful, ceramic cereal bowl filled with her favorite jelly beans lets you give one inexpensive gift that pleases in two ways. Rather than a bouquet of cliched roses, choose one exotic orchid plant, which from a grocery store can cost less than $15 to $20.

Two orchid plants on kitchen counter.
Two orchid plants on kitchen counter. (Image: paulprescott72/iStock/Getty Images)

The Smaller, The Better

From clothing to high-tech gear, the smaller the item you buy, the less expensive it will be -- in many cases. Hikers and runners know that excellent quality, moisture-wicking underwear or socks, which can range from $14 to $20, are worth their weight in gold. Snobs will see by the labels that these products are the best. You might think a technology gadget is out of your price range, but according to Consumer Reports in a 2014 feature on stocking stuffers, the best pedometer costs as little as $30 and a $10 pair of headphones sound as good as higher-priced ones.

A woman's hand holding a pedometer.
A woman's hand holding a pedometer. (Image: Enigmangel/iStock/Getty Images)

Gifts for Hobbies

Snobs lose all perspective when it comes to their hobbies, so you can get away with spending a small amount on something they really like. For example, magazine subscriptions are generally low-cost, but important to wine, beer or bird enthusiasts, among others. For an avid gardening snob, the best handheld weeder might cost $25 and a large load of "gardener's gold," or compost, costs less than $20 from a nursery. Snobbish cooks would love a $12 silicone vegetable steamer.

A gardener's hand using a weeder.
A gardener's hand using a weeder. (Image: Maksym Kravtsov/iStock/Getty Images)

Make It Yourself

When you make a gift for a snob, use the very best materials you can, such as fine cashmere yarn for a crocheted flower brooch, walnut wood for a bird house with snob appeal or high-quality blue cheese paired homemade crackers. Making the gift yourself keeps costs low, despite the high-end parts and ingredients. Include a homemade label calling your gift of bath salts, muffins or pecan pie, "The Best in the World."

An assortment of colourful yarns.
An assortment of colourful yarns. (Image: kemo1980/iStock/Getty Images)


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