Important Parts of the Kitchen

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Effective kitchens provide adequate space for cooking, cleaning and storage.

The kitchen brings people in homes together. Meals are a time when many families join to share both food and events of the day. Conversations often take place while cooking, cleaning, or just spending time together. The kitchen features three main parts to ensure adequate preparation, storage and cleaning of food, utensils and dishes.


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Working Region

The working region of the kitchen includes the range, oven, microwave and other appliances involved in food preparation. Self-cleaning ovens provide an easier solution of maintaining cleanliness. Food preparation equipment should all be in the same area. A center island counter top, where room allows, provides a central place to prepare food.


Storage Section

A kitchen needs adequate facilities to store frozen, cold and dry food goods, as well as dishes, plates, silverware, bowls, containers, pots and pans. Many kitchens are connected to either a garage or the outside through a door. Having the storage area close to this door provides easy access when new groceries are brought in. Efficient kitchens have a roomy pantry in addition to plenty of cabinet space.


Cleanup Zone

The cleanup zone consists of the sink area, dishwasher, trash compactor and storage area for cleaning supplies. The cleanup area works well with a window view, with plumbing from the sink and dishwasher running along the outside of the house. It also adds enjoyment to see outside while cleaning.


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