Types of Grass in Fresno

Many different grasses grow in the Fresno area.
Many different grasses grow in the Fresno area. (Image: Peter Dazeley/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Fresno is a city and county in California. It is the fifth-largest city in California and is located in the San Joaquin Valley in the center of the state. It is located in California Climate Zone 13, with hot summers, a long growing season, and cold winters with intense north winds and Tule fog (thick ground fog). It is an ideal climate for a variety of different grasses.

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Bermuda is a fast-growing perennial that grows well in sandy soil with little watering, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It likes the sun and has a deep green color. Bermuda is well-adapted to Fresno because it does not require heavy watering and grows well in the porous soil in the region. The city of Fresno has declining groundwater levels and encourages gardening with drought-tolerant plants, according to the City of Fresno Water Conservation Program.


Fescue and tall fescue are drought-tolerant grasses that do well in the Central Valley soil. They are well-adapted to hot climate zones where cool-season grasses cannot survive, notes Richard L. Duble, turfgrass specialist with Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College (TAMU). Fescue can remain green year-round with regular watering.

Vulpia myuros, also known as zorro fescue, is a type of fescue that is a native annual grass common in California. This type of fescue discourages weed growth, according to Cynthia S. Brown and Kevin J. Rice in their March 2000 report to the University of California Davis Department of Ecology.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is medium-density grass with a deep green color. It has a long growing season. Kentucky bluegrass is well-suited to transition zones such as Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley. It is drought-tolerant and can live in as little as 2 inches of water per week, according to the horticulture department at TAMU.

Perennial Rye

Perennial ryegrass is a fine-textured, rich green grass that germinates quickly and helps to suppress weeds. It is good for high-traffic areas and is disease-resistant. It is often mixed with Kentucky bluegrass. It does well in the winter months but has a low tolerance for heat. This means that it will have a dormancy period in the hot months.


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