Funny Things to Do to People When They Are Sleeping

Give yourself a laugh while someone else is sleeping.

Sleep is one of humanity's most vulnerable states. In various stages of sleep, people dream, sleep walk and even cook omelets without seeming to remember their actions. When a person has entered a state of deep sleep, a friend may find it to be the perfect time to impose a fun and lighthearted prank.

Ideas for College Students

If your roommate developed a habit of falling asleep on a table that you two share, there are a few harmless and humorous things you can do to playfully communicate that you would rather he or she sleep in bed instead of on your shared study space. While your roommate is asleep, carefully remove his paper or problem set from underneath his drooling face and replace all of the dots on his "i's" with hearts. Or, use double-sided tape to adhere his laptop to the table. Give her a scare by setting her watch and clocks back an hour or buy temporary hair dye and color her hair in your school's colors for the next pep rally or big basketball game.

Ideas for Sleepovers

Make your next sleepover more fun by playing a lighthearted prank on the first friend or few friends to fall asleep. While everyone is watching a movie and you notice a few eyelids getting heavy, wait for your friends to fall into deep sleep and then get a magic marker and change their appearance. Draw thicker eyebrows, a mustache or even a few moles on her cheeks. Give your friend a surprise by filling his palm with shaving cream and tickle his nose and mouth with a long feather. Jump back and watch as he gives himself a face full of shaving cream.

Ideas for Spouses

If you and your spouse have a good relationship and like to have fun together, give each other a night to remember by waiting until he falls asleep to have some fun with simple household items. Grab a tube of toothpaste from the bathroom and squeeze it out slowly across your spouse's cheeks, lips, forehead and chin. Throughout the night, your spouse will rub his face and smear the toothpaste across it, staining his face. Get your daughter's magic markers and give your spouse a red mustache, green eyebrows and purple daisies on her cheeks. She might not thank you in the morning but your kids will get a good laugh when they see her come out of the bedroom. Play your pranks on a Friday or Saturday night so it won't affect your spouse's work schedule or waking routine on a weekday.