Types of Spanish Rose Flowers

Spanish rose flowers are important in the Spanish culture. Spanish roses are used in national celebrations and are often seen in ancient literature, such as Cervantes and Shakespeare. While some of the Spanish roses are traditional, others have been imported to Spain and have obtained their name due to the importance the flowers play in the Spanish culture.

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Old Spanish Rose

The old Spanish rose is a large rose with many smaller and detailed flower petals. The old Spanish rose is a pink- and magenta-shaded rose that fades over time to a darker mauve color. The rose has many smaller rose petals that grow close together to give the flower a detailed and elegant texture. The flower itself has a distinct, but strong fragrance. The old rose grows on a rose shrub that has bright green leaves that are usually oval shaped. To thrive, the old Spanish rose needs partial or full sunlight.

Spanish Sunset

The Spanish sunset rose is a dark orange rose that has a delicate and soft texture. The rose has a dark yellow center with a bright yellow perimeter that blends into the dark orange rose petals. The Spanish sunset rose has various petals that overlap one another to create a full looking rose flower. The Spanish sunset flower blooms frequently and is ideal for borders or edges in the flower beds.

Spanish Valencia Rose

The Spanish Valencia rose looks like a large version of a regular rose. The Valencia rose has the same petal placement as a regular rose and has a similar shade of pink as a regular pink rose. Other shades of the Valencia rose include a lighter orange shade or yellow. The Valencia rose has a lighter shade on the body of the petals, that blends into a darker shade near the edge of each petal.


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