Companies That Sell Meyers Pecan Crackers

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Pecans are a "tough nut to crack."

Pecans are a soft, flavorful nut full of fiber, protein, oleic acid, and more than 19 vitamins and minerals. They aren't the simplest to harvest, however, as they are encased in protective shells that can be extremely tough to crack. Without a nut cracker of some kind, breaking open the shells results in smashed pecans. The Meyer Pecan Cracker is a commercial pecan cracker that simplifies this process while maintaining the integrity of the nuts.


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Modern Electronics & Equipment

Modern Electronics & Equipment purchased the Meyer pecan equipment line in June 2000. Thus, the Meyer pecan cracker is now known as the Modern Electronics pecan cracker. You can purchase one directly from the manufacturer. As of 2010, the prices for a Modern Electronics pecan cracker range from $4,500 for re-manufactured to $6,500 for new.


Pape Farm & Orchard Equipment

Pape Farm & Orchard Equipment sells used, refurbished, and new pecan equipment. As of 2010, the company sells Myers crackers for $3,800.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

Thomson Industries, Inc. manufactures food processing machinery. The company makes its own patented machines as well as rebuilt used machines for the nut industry, including Meyer pecan crackers. In 2010, the company sells repaired and reconditioned crackers for $4,050, including a seasonal warranty.


Southern Nut 'n Tree

Southern Nut 'n Tree sells used Meyer pecan crackers for $4,500 with a one year warranty.


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