Colors That Go With Dark Blue

Dark blue is dramatic and calming.
Dark blue is dramatic and calming. (Image: blue wall yellow pot image by Deborah Benbrook from

Blue is one of the most versatile colors when it comes to decorating. The various shades create all kinds of moods for your rooms. Some may find it daunting when it comes to finding complementary colors for dark blue, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. The most important thing when pairing another color with dark blue is keeping the mood light and balanced.

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White is crisp and gives rooms an airy atmosphere. Dark blue and white often convey a sophisticated look and are often matched with blue and white ceramics. If you’re going with dark blue on the walls, bring white into your decor through blue and white fabric in the window treatments and pillows. Another option is solid white fabric on furniture with complementary fabrics.


Yellow gives rooms warmth. Dark blue and yellow are a classic combination because the two colors generate a light and cheery mood. To enhance this look, choose rich shades of yellow. For a more subdued look, choose pale shades of yellow. Kitchens with yellow walls and dark blue glass and ceramics provide a comfortable area when gathering with friends and family.


Green is an energetic color with a variety of shades. Lime green is invigorating, while darker shades of green are more relaxing. Lime green gives your rooms a dramatic flair, and the color should be used sparingly. Small accessories complementing similar shades of fabric patterns work well when pairing the color with dark blue. Pale shades of green on the walls in a room with dark blue accessories will bring a sense of serenity to the room.


Red is bold and dramatic and will bring warmth to any room. When coupled with dark blue, red can generate cheerfulness and coziness. From brick red to cherry red, the color can create dynamic moods. Many nautical homes use red and dark blue to capture the nuance of signal flags used at sea. Be sure to balance the tones of red and blue with something like to avoid making a room feel too dark.


Bring richness to your rooms by combining burgundy and dark blue. With two dark colors, it’s best to work with one a little less than the other. You may want to use burgundy for spots of color in vases, throw pillows and in pictures.


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