Kinds of Wild Pear Trees

Wild pears are sometimes difficult to tell from cultivated pears.
Wild pears are sometimes difficult to tell from cultivated pears. (Image: pear image by Tomasz Plawski from

Wild pear trees are found in many regions around the world. The trees bear similar fruit to cultivated pear trees, and in some cases it may be difficult to tell the difference between wild and farmed pears. Wild pear fruits are varied and grow on many different kinds of trees.

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Pyrus Pyraster

The Pyrus pyraster species of wild pear, in healthy conditions, will grow with a slender silhouette and rising crown. One-sided and low crown growth may appear in trees that grow in less healthy environments. Pyrus pyraster pear trees may reach up to 75 feet in height and can live for a maximum of 250 years (generally, 80 to 150 years is most common). The trunk of this type of wild pear is smooth to the touch.

Pyrus Communis

The Pyrus communis species of wild pear is found widely throughout America, though it is not native to this country. Pyrus communis is native to parts of England and western Europe. It is estimated that Pyrus communis was introduced to the United States more than 200 years ago. Pyrus communis fruit is sweet to the taste. The tree grows 15 to 50 feet in height, with the foliage crowning in a pyramid shape. The bark of the tree is rough to the touch.

Different strains of Pyrus communis are found in various regions of the U.S. The Maine strain, or Stacey wild pear, produces sweet-tasting fruit that grows approximately 2 inches in diameter.

Hungarian Wild Pears

Five types of wild pear trees are found in Hungary. From there the trees have spread to France, Germany and other parts of Europe. Types of Hungarian wild pear species include the Burgs pyraster, P. achras Stohr and P. austriaca Kern.


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