Ideas for a 50th Birthday Party Theme for a Woman

Reaching the half-century mark can be tough for some women, but make the milestone birthday memorable by throwing a celebration tailored to her desires. By this age, most women have been through major events, including marriage, birth of their children and grandchildren and career advancements, and they want to enter the new phase in their life, also known as the Golden Years, with a jovial celebration. Commemorate the birthday girl with a celebration that includes family and close friends who matter the most.

Organize a themed party to celebrate a woman's 50th birthday.

Formal Party

Organize a formal dance party for the guest of honor and her close friends that share her treasured past. Decorate the venue using balloons and streamers in two of her favorite colors, such as pink and gold, gold and black, or pink and silver. Add strands of twinkling lights for extra effect. Arrange an outdoor party if the weather permits, or rent a tent or local hall. Arrange round seating throughout the venue. Wind ribbons around the back of each seat and tie them in a bow, and place a beautiful fresh floral centerpiece on each table. Hire a local orchestra to play music from her era and her favorite songs for everyone to dance to. Create and play a slideshow during the party with pictures and video clips from the guest of honor's past. Also include messages from friends and family near and far that mention the sacrifices she made to ensure their well-being. Serve a golden cake that blends with the theme - simply sprinkle edible gold glitter over a white frosted cake.

Retro Party

Recreate the guest of honors teenage years by arranging a 70s style party (if she was born in the 60s). Use polka dots, striped wall papers and large disco balls to decorate the venue and remind the birthday girl of her youth. Inform the guests of the theme, so they dress in styles from that era, such as bell-bottom or harem pants, bell-sleeved blouses and granny skirts. Place a large basket filled with theme-related items, including hair accessories, large framed glasses, beaded necklaces, clip-on earrings, bangles and macrame bags, near the entrance. Hire a local makeup artist to style the guests' hair in the styles of that era, such as a middle part or two ponytails. Play hit music from the time for the guests to dance to. Take plenty of photos throughout the party, and send one of each guest with the guest of honor with the "Thank you" notes.

A Day at the Spa

Arrange a day at the spa for the birthday girl and her friends. Give the soon-to-be 50-year-old lady and each of her friends a pre-paid gift voucher for a massage, manicure, pedicure and facial. Let the guest-of-honor and her friends take the day off from work or domestic duties and devote it solely to pampering themselves. Book the spa beforehand for bargains and make all last-minute arrangements, so everything is in place for the partygoers on the day of the celebration. Also decide whether the guests will meet at the birthday girl's house or go directly to the spa.