Birthday Party Games for Teens

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Let teens play games and mingle at a birthday party.

Teen birthday party games can be challenging since they will need to be approved of by both parents and teens. Having games for teens to play will keep them busy and occupied throughout the party. Playing games will also give teens that do not know each other a chance to learn more about one another. Try these games at your next teen birthday party.


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Balloon Dares

For this game, you will need balloons, paper, a pen and creative dare ideas. Write down different dares on small pieces of paper. Slip the dares (one per balloon) in the balloons before you blow them up. Have all teens sit in a circle with the balloons scattered in the middle. Let an adult randomly select the first person to go. The teen will walk to the center and grab a balloon. Once the teen selects the balloon, she will pop it and have to do the dare that is on the piece of paper. Some dare suggestions include going outside to pop a water balloon on your head, doing a funky dance move or telling a secret about yourself.


Scavenger Hunt

Make an identical scavenger hunt list for each team that will play. You will need at least two teams and an adult for each team. Suggested items for the list include fingernail polish, an old shoe, band-aid, bobby pin, candy wrapper, nail clippers and a birthday card. Warn neighbors what is going on and mark other houses willing to participate with a balloon. The team that completes their scavenger hunt list first and makes it back to the house, wins the game.

Sticker Stealer

You will need index cards and a set of 10 stickers per guest. Put 10 stickers, all of the same kind, on each guest's back. Make sure no set of 10 stickers is the same. Sticker set examples are apples, smiley faces, dogs or rainbows. Give each player an index card to use for collecting stickers. The object of the game is to mingle with other players and get one of every sticker from all other players on your index card, without being noticed taking the sticker. If the player notices you trying to take his sticker, you must give it back. The first player to get one sticker from every other player will win the game.


Hula Hoop Game

Divide the teens up into two even teams. Have each team stand in a circle and join hands. Ask two teens in each circle to let go of each other's hands and put a hula hoop over their arms. Tell them to rejoin hands and get ready for the game. The object is to get the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting each other's hands go. The team that gets the hula hoop all the way around first wins the game.

Makeup Mess

Pair the teens up, preferably one boy and one girl or two girls. Play in a room that has makeup but no mirror. The girl will apply makeup to her face as best she can with no mirror. The partner can guide her, but cannot help her apply the makeup. Award prizes to the best/worst makeup jobs.