Properties of Purple Jade

Purple jade is thought to have healing and energizing properties.
Purple jade is thought to have healing and energizing properties. (Image: purple gem like stone image by Sean Arenas from

Purple jade has long been recognized as a precious gemstone with mysterious healing and energizing powers. Whether you believe in its special powers or not, purple jade adds a bright pop of color to any jewelry item or trinket. The purple jade stone has been cherished by many cultures for its unique and interesting properties.

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Purple jade can be composed of either jadeite or nephrite minerals but according to it is most often of the jadeite variety. Although most types of jade contain high amounts of silica, jadeite contains aluminum and nephrite contains magnesium. Considered the more precious of the two types, jadeite jade occurs most commonly in lavender, green and white. Nephrite tends to occur in various shades of brown, white and green. On Moh’s Scale of Hardness, purple jade is typically rated a 6.5 to 7, indicating that the gemstone is extremely hard and durable. However, sharp and/or abrasive surfaces can scratch purple jade. For this reason, purple jade should only be cleaned with water, mild soap and a soft cloth.


Purple jade has been cherished by a variety of cultures for its beauty, strength and special powers. The American Indians used jade to heal kidney ailments and China has considered it a “royal gemstone” for several centuries, according to Central Americans used the stone to create symbolic carvings and Europeans created tools and weapons out of the tough stone.


Purple jade is thought to have a variety of special powers including its ability to foster creativity, promote practicality, increase body strength and encourage tolerance, wisdom and love. explains that purple jade is also believed to have "a balancing and harmonizing effect, banishing negative thoughts and rejuvenating the wearer during times of stress.” All colors of jade, including purple jade, are associated with the birth month of March and the Zodiac sign of Virgo.


Purple jade develops into a wide range of shades, from light violet to deep purple. Although jade is never completely transparent, the more transparent the stone, the greater its value. It features a smooth texture. Since most purple jade stones are of the jadeite family, they typically feature a glossy luster. Purple jade in the nephrite family often takes on a dull, waxy appearance.


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