Plants That Need Little Water & Take Full Sun

Some plants grow well in full sunlight with little water.
Some plants grow well in full sunlight with little water. (Image: ice plant image by Jennifer Altman from

Whether gardening or raising house plants, water and sunlight requirements are very important considerations when deciding which species to plant or bring into your home. Some regions of the country, such as Texas and the Great Plains states, receive very little water and lots of sunlight each year, an important consideration when plant shopping.

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Jade Plant

Jade plants, also known as Crassula argentea, are very popular houseplants that require very little water and full sunlight. According to Old Fashioned Living, despite their popularity, Jade plants can be difficult to grow because of their finicky growing requirements. For example, although the plant needs little water, it will not grow well if the soil is too dry. Also, while the Jade plant needs a good amount of sunlight, direct sunlight in the hot summer months can be damaging. Too much humidity can damage the plant as well.

Ice Plants

Ice plants are a family of flowering plants that grow into a ground cover. Though native to South Africa, ice plants grow in many other parts of the world. Ice plants get their names from their small green leaves, which are covered with fibers that shimmer when the sun hits them. When in bloom, the ice plant displays tiny magenta and purple flowers. Ice plants require full sunlight to grow and are drought-resistant, meaning they do well with very little water. Ice plants grow best in neutral soil but can tolerate both slightly alkaline and slightly acidic soils.


Also known as the moss rose, the portulaca is an annual that produces flowers that resemble roses. According to Floridata, the portulaca originally grew in the hot, dry regions of South America such as southern Brazil and northern Argentina, but it now grows in many places with similar conditions, especially in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 11. Portulaca plants grow best in soil that is rocky and sandy and require full light to produce flowers. While regular watering is necessary, overwatering will damage the plant.


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