Plants Native to China

The peony is one plant that's native to China.
The peony is one plant that's native to China. (Image: peony image by ChristArt from

China is home to a great abundance of plant life. The country has a wide variety of trees, flowers and medicinal plants that are native to the land. According to the website, there are more than 32,000 species of higher plants in China. Here are some common growing native plants in China.

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Peonies are beautiful large flowers with long stems. They come in a variety of different colors but generally are a shade of pink. The peony is a perennial flower, so it will continue to grow year after year. According to the website, a peony will reach its full size in eight to 10 years. While the peony originated in China, it is grown in the United States as well.


Gardenias are another plant native to China. Today, there are more than 200 different species of gardenias. The plant is known for its shrub-like appearance with glossy green leaves. In the winter or early spring, the gardenia will start to grow flowers as well as yellowish-red berries. According to the online Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, gardenias are used as an herbal medicine in China. They are believed to reduce swelling, treat infections and ease irritability.

Ginkgo Biloba Trees

The Ginkgo Biloba Tree is a native Chinese tree. It is a large shade tree that will reach about 80 feet in height at its maturity. The tree has green leaves that change to a golden-yellow color during the fall season. It also produces orange, oval-shaped fruits.

Metasequoia Trees

The Metasequoia tree, more commonly known as the water fir, is a type of deciduous conifer tree that originates in central China. At maturity, the tree will grow 70 feet to 100 feet tall. It is known for its light green needles that turn a copper color during the fall season.

Golden Larch Trees

The Golden Larch tree is a type of conifer tree native to the eastern region of China. At maturity, the tree will grow to about 30 feet to 50 feet tall. According to the website of wholesale nursery Monrovia, the tree features ornamental cones and green needles in the summer. During the fall season, the needles will start to turn a golden-yellow color.


Ginseng is a plant native to the forests of northern China. Today it is also grown in the woodlands of the eastern United States. The plant is a member of the ivy family. According to the website of Sacred Earth, a grass-roots organization that explores traditional plant knowledge, the root of ginseng is used for medicinal purposes and is believed to improve a variety of health conditions.


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