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Tropical-looking canna lily.
Tropical-looking canna lily. (Image: orange canna lily blossom image by Jack Prichett from Fotolia.com)

Tall flowers are stunning and visually appealing whether as a centerpiece for a room or as a backdrop in the garden. The height of these tall beauties is measured in feet instead of the regular inches. Ranging in height up to 9 feet tall, this list of flowers are sure to bring the wow factor to any garden or room.

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Titan Arum

The Titan Arum was given the title of world's tallest flower in 2003 growing up to an astonishing 9 feet in height. Native to the rain forests of Indonesia, this flower features huge purple buds that resemble the shape of the lily. Also known as the corpse flower due to the rotting flesh smell this plant gives off to attract the various insects it needs in order to reproduce. This special flower requires hot, tropical climates with moist soil and high humidity.

Canna Lilies

Canna lilies feature flowers in shades of yellow, red, and orange. The leaves are very tropical looking. Canna lilies usually grow between 3 and 5 feet tall, with some varieties growing to 8 feet in height. Their flowers can be enjoyed from mid to late summer, until fall. Considered weeds in various tropical regions of the world, these tall flowers grow very rapid and vigorous. Canna lilies thrive in full sun and well watered, well-draining soil.

Queen of the Prairie

Queen of the Prairie is an Illinois native perennial plant belonging to the rose family. Growing up to 6 feet in height, this flower features big clusters of pink buds with an average 5 to 8 inch spread growing at the top of long, bare stalks. Lasting for about 3 weeks, the scent-less blooms of this plant can be enjoyed from early to mid summer, giving way to small pink berries. Queen of the Prairie prefers full sun, but does just fine in some partial shade as well. This flower also thrives in more wet, moist soil rich in organic materials such as wood ash, or manure.


Hollyhocks are an easy to grow biennial that features colorful blooms that range in colors from pink, red, yellow, white, and even some black. Biennial is when the plant does not bloom until its second year of life. Hollyhocks can grow up to 7 feet in height and require full sun and moist, well draining soil rich in organic matter.


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