Different Types of Rose Bushes

There are a variety of different kinds of rose bushes.
There are a variety of different kinds of rose bushes. (Image: rose bush image by Yurok Aleksandrovich from Fotolia.com)

Roses are one of the most popular and common types of flowers in the world. There are many different varieties of rose bushes and they produce flowers in just about every color imaginable, as well as different shapes, sizes and scents. Plant breeding has resulted in the development of rose bushes that are disease resistant as well as winter tolerant. Roses are split up into classes that have similar characteristics. Within these classes are specific rose bush varieties.

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Floribunda is a class of rose bushes that produce large, brightly colored blooms. They produce masses of flowers, often in clusters of three to as much as 15 blooms. This type of rose bush prefers sunny spots. It includes rose varieties such as day breaker, livin' easy, honey perfume and Betty Boop.

Hybrid Tea

Included in the hybrid tea class of roses are those most often seen in florist shops, bouquets and arrangements. They are typically long-stemmed, making them popular for cutting. Flowers in this class bloom one to a stem, rather than in clusters. Varieties in the hybrid tea class include Memorial Day, Elle and love 'n peace.


The grandiflora class consists of bushes that are crosses between the hybrid tea and the floribunda. These bushes grow up to 6 feet tall and bloom repeatedly throughout the season, making them quite showy in any garden. Flowers in this class bloom in clusters and have stems that are a little bit shorter than the hybrid tea. Varieties belonging to the grandiflora class include the about face, glowing peace and crimson bouquet.


Miniature rose bushes are ideal for container growing. They typically grow between 6 inches to 2 feet tall. Miniature roses flower constantly throughout the season and thrive in most conditions. Sun sprinkles and child's play are two varieties in the miniature class.


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