Ideas for a Pool Party for a 13th Birthday

Party at the pool
Party at the pool (Image: party cup ctreamers and party banners image by Warren Millar from

A pool party handles the majority of the activity portion of a birthday party. Young teens love going to parties that feel more grown up but are still full of silly fun. Enlist the help of other moms and dads to keep an eye on the kids and this party will be a hit.

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Invitation Ideas for a Pool Party

Sunglasses make great invitations. Write the party details across the lenses with a white-out pen, or attach a card with the details. Frisbees are another nice way to get the information to the party goers. Cut a cardboard circle to fit the inside of the Frisbee. Write all the info on the cardboard circle. Paper umbrellas can be poked into the side of an invitation to give it a pool side flair.

Plastic sunglasses make great invitations
Plastic sunglasses make great invitations (Image: Sunglasses image by Laura Benson from

Game Ideas for a Pool Party

Volleyball in the pool is a good way to start the kids playing. Stretch a net across the middle of the pool. Split up into teams and toss a ball in the water. Pool noodles can be cut into 3 inch sections and stuffed with waterproof party favors. Toss into the pool for the kids to dive down and find. Relay races are a still fun for 13 year olds. Set up bags of pool accessories like goggles, flippers and blow up rings at each end of the pool. Have teams line up. The first racer puts on all the accessories and then swims across the pool, takes them all off and swims back, the next swimmer swims across, puts on all the gear and swims back. The first team that has all its players finish wins a prize.

pool noodle
pool noodle (Image: blue unit with aqua noodles image by Georgiy Pashin from

Food for a Pool Party

Beach themed cake can be created by decorating a regular cake with white frosting and then pressing crushed Nilla wafers over the sides and a third of the top for sand. Use blue candies, either M & M's, jelly beans or blue fruit roll ups to make the water. Then press little drink umbrellas along the sandy beach to complete the look.
Drinks should be plentiful and include pitchers of ice water or water bottles. Avoid dehydration by keeping the lemonade, iced tea and water easily accessible. Hamburgers, hot dogs or other grill items are a common choice. These can be cooked while keeping an eye on the kids. Large sub sandwiches are a cold food choice that can be prepared or purchased in advance so that you can join in to the festivities.

Ice water
Ice water (Image: ice water with lemon image by Mark Grenier from

Warnings for a Pool Party

Be sure to have extra adults to help watch the kids. A pool party can get out of hand. Watching for weak swimmers or tired children is a necessary safety precaution. Have sun screen available and a shady area to do other activities to avoid sun poisoning or severe burns, especially if there are fair skinned children in attendance.

beach umbrella
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