Jamaican Crafts for Kids

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The beautiful Jamaican landscape inspires many unique children's craft projects.

Jamaican landscapes offers plenty of inspiration for child-friendly craft projects. The Rastafarian religion, which began in Jamaica, is represented by red, yellow, black and green. Beach-related crafts could be applied to a Jamaica-themed craft day, such as using seashells as decorative objects.


Rasta Tie-Dye

With help from an adult, children can tie-dye T-shirts in Rastafarian colors to celebrate Jamaica's heritage. Each child will need a plain white shirt. You'll also need red, yellow, black and green dye, gloves, water, bowls or buckets for each color, scissors and rubber bands.


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Mix the dye per the package instructions. Kids can use the rubber bands to separate their shirts into sections, creating unique designs. They then dip their shirts into each dye color, wearing rubber gloves to protect their skin.

Let the shirts dry, then cut away the rubber bands to reveal the children's completed Rastafarian tie-dye designs.


Seashell Wreath

Children can use seashells to create a beautiful wreath. They'll need seashells, glue, a 6-inch round plastic foam circle, twine and artificial moss. A craft store will have all of these supplies. Kids can glue the seashells to the foam wreath as they see fit. When they're done, they can fill in any empty spaces with the artificial moss. When the glue has dried, tie some twine around the top for easy hanging.


Paper Plate Sea Turtle

Sea turtles live near Jamaican beaches. Children as young as two can make sea turtles from paper plates with help from an adult. You'll need a paper plate, green construction paper, green paint, a paintbrush, scissors, glue and a black marker.


Allow your child to pain a paper plate green. While she's doing this, cut four turtle flippers and a tail from the green construction paper. When the paint is dry, let your child glue the tail and flippers to the plate to create a turtle. She can use the black marker to draw eyes on the turtle's face.


Bandana Belt

Red bandanas are worn traditionally in Jamaica. For a fun, child-friendly craft project, use bandanas to make a Jamaican-inspired belt. Gather a few red bandanas, scissors, pinking shears, glue and fabric paint and plastic beads in yellow, green and black.


Tie or glue two or three red bandannas together until the entire length is long enough to tie around your child's waist, with some extra fabric at each end. Cut strips in the each end of the belt to create fringe. Thread plastic beads on each strip and tie the end into a knot to secure it.

Children can decorate the bandanas with fabric paint. When the paint is dry, each child will have her own Jamaican belt to wear.


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