Homecoming Football Game Ideas

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Get ready for the big game.

The homecoming football game is one of the biggest events of the year, so it's important to plan things right. With the cheerleading squad leading the pack, you can be sure that all the fans in the stadium are presenting a unified front to support the school. Work together to create a fun homecoming game, whether your team wins or loses.


Field Decoration Ideas

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The homecoming football field can make a big statement. Create a balloon arch for the players to run under as they take the field. You can also use field paint to decorate the end zones in the school colors. An easy way to decorate is to purchase a spirit kit, which has all of the items you might need, including streamers, balloons and large signs for posting spirited messages to your team and its fans.

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Fundraising Ideas

The homecoming game is the perfect time for your school to raise money, since there will be a larger turnout than usual. Concessions are the usual way to raise funds at a football game, but make sure you are prepared for the extra people--you don't want to run out of food and miss the opportunity to earn more money. Homecoming also is a good opportunity to sell spirit items, such as school clothing, flags and noisemakers for the game.


Face-Painting Ideas

Super fans paint their faces for the games, but not everyone thinks to purchase painting supplies in advance. Provide these at the game for those who want to participate. Encourage as many fans as you can to paint their faces. They don't t have to be fully painted--even a small logo or image on a cheek can show spirit.


Pregame Ideas

As the crowd gathers for the game, get them pumped up. Giving out small pom-poms to the first 200 people will make the fans look more unified. You can also have the cheerleaders start to perform simple cheers with the crowd.


Postgame Ideas

After the game, people will want to celebrate. Continue the festivities with a bonfire or a homecoming dance. Schedule this for right after the game--you don't want people waiting around for an hour before the next event starts.


Cheering Ideas

Your cheerleaders can get the crowd excited, but it's difficult if the fans don't know the cheers. Homecoming is not the time to try out new cheers. Instead, focus on old favorites. You also can print the words to the cheers for fans to use as they root for your team.



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