Reasons for Air in a Water Line

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Experiencing low pressure or a spattering from an air pocket or air flow within your water lines can be frustrating. The weakened flow of water running to all your appliances and faucets can cause distress when you are uncertain of the cause. It might be related to an installation problem, or the air may have seeped in from a hole in the line.

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Well with Built-up Gas

Your well may have an excess amount of hydrogen sulfide or methane. The gas may travel through water beneath the ground and become present in your well when it is not properly encased. Methane can also be naturally present in your well based on the area in which you live. You can remove the methane from your water well by heating the water or releasing the stored amount.

Failed Tank

Your tank may easily fail due to simple connections. The diaphragm, where the pressure is kept stable, may have slipped loose or has worn and will no longer regulate pressure between air and water. A connection with the discharge hose may have also slid free and will need to be replaced to correct the air gap.

Malfunctioning Air Inductor

An air inductor is often used for the removal of hydrogen sulfide or iron deposits. This method applies oxidization to the gaseous water to create pure forms of consumable water. When conduction the oxidization, air may be pulled into the tank or well where the water is stored. To correct this disturbance, the connections may need to be adjusted or recalculated to prevent an air gap.


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