List of Deer Resistant Shrubs

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It is important to find shrubs that detract the deer from reeking havoc on your garden. If you have a plant that deer love to munch on, use a protective fencing or apply a safe repellent to prevent them from encroaching on the space. Even though nothing is truly deer proof, you can begin planting shrubs and blooms that are rarely damaged to produce a lovely and colorful garden.

Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bush is a perennial shrub that also happens to be deer resistant. This lovely shrub has cascading flower blooms in purple, yellow or white. The cluster of flowers begin blooming in the summer for a bright and bold design. Butterfly bushes can grow tall and wide, making them a perfect shrub to plant along a garden wall or on the edge of a perennial garden to help define the space. These colorful bushes also attract butterflies and the ever-beautiful hummingbird.


The spirea is a deciduous shrub that produces flowers beginning in the spring and lasting through the summer. Spirea shrubs are also very easy to grow and look beautiful as a hedgerow or tucked into a garden. The flower colors come in a wide range of colors including yellow, pink, red and white. The spirea can grow up to 10 feet tall and 20 feet wide, making it a stunning focal point to your garden. The masses of blooms that cover the shrub are also deer-resistant, making these colorful shrubs every gardener's dream.


This popular evergreen looks lovely planted as a ground cover or in rows to create makeshift screens and small windbreaks. Their semi-spreading habit and rich green color is perfect nestled within a flower garden for contrasting color. Junipers can grow up to 18 inches in height, making them a low-growing shrub that can also be utilized around rock gardens. The juniper is also deer resistant and tolerant of most soil types, making this lovely shrub a perfect plant.


The lilac bush is a deciduous, deer-resistant plant that emits a sweet fragrance when in bloom. The powerful scent from the blooms begins permeating the area in the spring. The light purple flowers of the lilac are complimented by dark green foliage with heart-shape leaves. The lilac shrub is ideal for accenting areas around the garden or creating a hedge filled with multiple lilac bushes. Lilac bushes are very hardy shrubs that withstand very cold winters. When cut, they also make a gorgeous flower arrangement.