Are Daybed Mattresses the Same as Twin Mattresses?

Daybeds are generally only large enough for one adult.
Daybeds are generally only large enough for one adult. (Image: Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images)

Daybeds are small-size bed frames that provide one or two sleeping surfaces, depending upon the design, and are made for use during the day as a sitting area similar to a couch. They are ideal for use in small rooms where space is limited. Like standard beds, the cushioning on a daybed is provided by a mattress.

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Daybed Features

Though daybed styles vary somewhat, the beds typically have two end boards, similar to the headboard and foot board on a standard bed, as well as a backboard, which creates a couch-like appearance. The side and back of a daybed are not always solid though and may be designed with metal or wire.

Mattress Size

Like the design of a daybed, daybed mattress size can also vary slightly. Most daybeds do, however, use the same size mattress as a twin bed, making finding sheets that fit the mattress easy. When daybed mattresses are not twin size, they are often just slightly smaller, so twin sheets and blankets will still generally work for the bed.

Two Beds

Some daybeds offer more than one sleeping area. With these daybeds, the main part of the bed is visible at all times and is used as the seating area while the second sleeping area is a trundle bed that hides beneath the main bed and can be pulled out at any time. To keep the lower bed fully hidden, the mattress of a trundle bed may be an inch or two smaller than the upper bed on some daybeds.

Other Features

Daybeds that do not have a trundle bed may have other features in place of the extra bed beneath the main bedding area. Even daybeds that do have trundles though may have additional built-in features, such as drawers or bookshelves.


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