Daisy Girl Scout Craft Ideas for the Golden Honey Bee Award

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Give Daisy Scouts some craft ideas to earn their Golden Honey Bee Award.

Daisy Girl Scouts are for girls in kindergarten and first grade. The Daisy Scouts learn about respect and caring for others, themselves and for the world around them. The girls earn awards in three basic areas to place on their uniforms. The Golden Honey Bee Award is given when girls participate in a gardening project to make their world a better place. Daisy Scouts can make crafts to help earn the award.

Tool Bag and Apron

Daisy Scouts get involved in a gardening project to improve their world. Help the girls prepare for their project with some crafted items they can use. Provide inexpensive muslin or canvas bags or aprons for the girls to decorate. The girls can paint flowers, vegetables or trees on their bag or apron. They can also use permanent markers to draw daisies, garden tools or honeybees on their craft projects. The girls can try an unfamiliar art process to decorate their items. For example, let them scrape pieces of old crayons onto their bag or apron. Cover the crayon pieces and help the girls use a warm iron to melt the crayon pieces. Remove the paper and let the fabric cool before moving the crafts.

Rainbow Plant Markers

Use up some old CDs to make plant markers that create a rainbow effect in the sunlight. The girls can glue a large craft stick, tongue depressor or paint-stirring stick onto the printed side of a CD. Let them use permanent ink markers to write the name of a flower or food plant on the stick. Have them make several plant markers if they are planting a garden for a project.

Seedling Pots

Before the weather is warm enough to plant a garden, the Daisy Scouts can start growing some plants indoors. Have the girls paint some clay pots or cardboard peat pots to use in planting their seeds. Provide some cardboard box "flats" to keep the seedling pots in before and after the girls put dirt and seeds into the pots.

Indoor Garden

Make a group or individual indoor gardens for someone who isn't able to get outdoors. The girls can cover a shoebox with decorated wrapping paper or wallpaper leftovers that they tape or glue onto the box. Each girl needs a cardboard circle to use as a template pattern. Provide different colors of tissue paper for the girls to trace and cut circles from. They can cut several layers of paper together or one at time, whichever is easier. The girls need to fold three or more circle layers in half, then in half again to make a one-quarter shape. Show them how to twist a chenille stem around the pointed end of the tissue circles. The girls can fold out the tissue circles to look like flowers and they can stick the other end of the chenille stem into a layer of wadded green tissue paper. Have them make several flowers for their indoor garden to give to someone.