Ideas for a Boy's Hockey Bedroom

Use hockey pucks to decorate your son's room.
Use hockey pucks to decorate your son's room. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

If your son is a hockey fan, create a hockey-themed bedroom he can show off to all his friends. Transform his basic bedroom into his dream bedroom with hockey items and memorabilia. Some supplies, a creative imagination and a few ideas are all you need to create a hockey-themed bedroom your son will enjoy.

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Paint the walls in the colors of your son’s favorite hockey team. A mural of a hockey player or goalie in action is a nice addition to any hockey-themed room. Hang pictures of hockey jerseys, pictures of hockey players and hockey wall art on the walls. Affix hockey sticks end to end to create a border on the wall. Giant hockey stickers are also available online and at some retail stores for the walls. Hockey wallpaper or a wallpaper border is also an option.


Find hockey-themed bedding at retail stores or online. Go with a general hockey bedding set or pick your son’s favorite hockey team bedding. If you cannot find bedding that displays your son’s favorite team, go with solid color bedding in the colors of his favorite team. Hang curtains that match the bedding.


Decorate the bedroom with lockers. Find lockers online or at a yard sale. Paint the lockers in the hockey team’s colors and place them in a corner in the room. Apply hockey-themed stickers on the lockers for more decoration. The lockers will add to the feeling of a hockey team's locker room and are also a convenient place for your boy to store clothes, shoes or school supplies. Hang a hockey goalie net in the corner of the room. Fill the net with a hockey stick, hockey pucks, goalie mask and any other hockey accessories. Paint a dresser and nightstand with the hockey team’s colors. Glue pieces of hockey sticks and pucks on the drawers to use as pulls to open the drawers. Use hockey sticks for curtain rods and glue hockey pucks on the curtain pullbacks for decoration.


Other items for the hockey-themed bedroom include hockey stick floor lamps, hockey player desk lamps, hockey alarm and wall clocks, a self-adhesive hockey scoreboard mural and hockey wall shelves. Glue hockey pucks on the end of hooks to hang up jackets and sports bags on the wall. Hockey skates, medals and trophies can accent any hockey-themed bedroom. Drape a hockey-themed throw blanket on the end of the bed.


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