Ideas to Celebrate a 40th Birthday

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A 40th birthday is an exciting milestone in a person's life. This special occasion should be celebrated by the person's friends and family in a way that they will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives. If you, or someone special in your life, will soon be having a 40th birthday, mark the occasion with a fun celebration.


Surprise Party

Throw a surprise party for your loved one's 40th birthday. Invite all of her friends, but make sure to swear them to secrecy on it. Hold the party at a restaurant, a bar, your home or somewhere else that they will enjoy and feel comfortable. She will be honored that you went to the trouble of throwing a surprise party for her.

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Birth-Year Themed Party

Host a party with the theme of the year that you were born. For example, if you were born in 1971, you would have a '70s themed party. Hang a disco ball in the middle of the room, play '70s music, and ask your guests to dress in clothing representing that era.


Bar Crawl

Organize a bar crawl for your 40th birthday. Choose an area that has many different bars that you can walk to, so you can stay occupied all night long. Gather all of your friends to come out and celebrate with you. Make sure to hire a limo or a party bus if you don't rent hotel rooms within walking distance.

Lifetime Achievement

If you've always wanted to run a marathon, climb a mountain, go ski diving, or something else along those lines, celebrate your 40th birthday by achieving this dream. This is a great way to make this milestone birthday a momentous one. If you have a family member or friend that is willing to participate in this activity with you, the more the merrier, so bring them along, too.


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